Don't look any further for your 4 star hotel in Paris 1st district: Hotel Ducs de Bourgogne

If you are looking for a 4 star hotel in Paris 1st district, make your life easier by discovering the Hotel Ducs de Bourgogne. You won't want to discover any others afterwards.

A 4-star hotel in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, a whole program

If Paris had to be summed up in one arrondissement, perhaps the 1st would be the most appropriate. It is the heart of Paris and when the great iconic places of Paris are not there, they are close to it. It is a central place, a crossroads that makes your 4 star hotel in Paris 1 the starting point for all your Parisian excursions. You come for shopping? The Samaritaine is on the same street. A museum? You don't even need to take the metro to go to the Louvre. An exhibition, a play, a starred restaurant? Take a tour of the 1st arrondissement and you'll be spoilt for choice. This charming hotel in Paris is defined by its ideal address. And that's why you won't hesitate to consult the online concierge service of the Hotel Ducs de Bourgogne. Your cultural and leisure outings, your thematic walks and everything you can do in Paris is already proposed there in a more economical or privileged way.

A charming hotel in Paris 1st district

You can't come to Paris, the capital of France, culture, fashion and lovers without choosing a charming hotel. The cozy and intimate rooms of this 4-star hotel in Paris 1 are the perfect place to meet as a couple. A calm, soothing, comfortable atmosphere, but also the simplicity of a perfectly equipped room, nothing will hinder your stay. You can even extend the night by having breakfast in your room. Otherwise, the charm of the buffet room, and the generosity of the latter, will be a good way to start your day in the best conditions. Charm, tradition, cozy atmosphere, hotel with a human dimension, yes, you are in one of these hotels whose address we prefer to keep secret to be sure to always have a room there.

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