Rue de Rivoli hotels Paris, the Ducs de Bourgogne as a reference charm

A prestigious district, Rivoli is a safe address to stay in the best conditions in Paris. The Ducs de Bourgogne, with its charm, its 4 stars and its soothing atmosphere, is the rue de Rivoli hotels Paris you need.

Rue de Rivoli hotels Paris, the choice of an attractive 4 star hotel

The Ducs de Bourgogne is a hotel near the rue de Rivoli that pleases from the very first minutes. By staying in the Rivoli district, you know that you are in the heart of Paris, the 1st district. And you can feel it everywhere in the establishment. The exposed stones of the common rooms play the card of an old building, the discretion of the place reinforces this soothing atmosphere, as if cut off from the bustle of the street, cut off from the world. The hotel has only 37 rooms, so as not to break the cozy feeling that we feel when we arrive. The rooms offer the same cocooning spirit. You will have the impression to have always known them. The solid wood of the headboard, the furniture, the large fabrics, the charm of these old photos, all this plays on a relaxing atmosphere which makes the charm of this rue de Rivoli hotels Paris. And yet, it does not lack modernity and comfort worthy of its 4 stars. The Nespresso coffee maker is a classic, but the Japanese toilets are a new experience. The LCD TV is one thing, but the wifi internet access thanks to fiber in the hotel is already much better than in all the other establishments.

Hotel in the Rivoli district, the heart of Paris in your hands

The Ducs de Bourgogne is located precisely on the rue du Pont Neuf, at the crossroads of the rue de Rivoli, in the 1st district. It is the heart of the capital, the very center of a lively neighborhood night and day where you can go shopping (Les Halles Châtelets), experience jazz in the clubs (Dukes of Lombards and Sunset), learn culture (the Louvre) or see the most emblematic monuments of the capital (Notre Dame). In this district, your hotel rue de Rivoli Paris is at the center of what matters. You come to spend a romantic or relaxing moment, you will have everything you need without even having to leave the neighborhood and your rue de Rivoli hotels Paris.

A hotel on rue de Rivoli in Paris to fall in love with the capital

The Hôtel Ducs de Bourgogne will make you fall in love with the capital. Within its walls, it is through the decoration. There are elements which are typical of the City of Light, and we think in particular of these stones of size. They are representative of the buildings of the old centre. And with a hotel on rue de Rivoli, you can't be more in the heart of Paris. These stones have been used for decades, even centuries, to cover the walls of the blind rooms in the basement on the upper floors. That's why, in this magnificent and well-preserved building, they can be found in many places. Your love of Paris is also the love of moving in an instant from one iconic place in the capital to another. In your same neighborhood, there are Les Halles, Notre Dame, theCity Hall, the Louvre and the list could go on and on. Whether you are a first time visitor to the banks of the Seine or a seasoned veteran, it always feels good to be in the setting of this hotel near Rivoli in Paris.

Hotel Rivoli in Paris, services thought for you

In order to offer 4 stars, comfort and modern facilities at a more than reasonable price in this 1st arrondissement, the establishment has dispensed with facilities such as the restaurant or the spa. But your hotel rue de Rivoli does not do without services. Making your stay as pleasant as possible is part of the mission of the staff of the Hôtel Ducs de Bourgogne. The concierge service is the first asset for this. A taxi, a show, a museum, a restaurant, everything in Paris can be booked by the concierge to save you time and make your life even easier. Your hotel in Rivoli Paris also has a seminar room for business travellers at 19 rue du Pont Neuf, the hotel's address. The reception is open 24 hours a day, so you can be sure of peace and quiet on your arrival and during the evenings you spend away from home. There will always be someone to welcome you. Finally, the last service consists in the provision of gift vouchers. If you want to offer a cosy and safe address in Paris, the Hotel Ducs de Bourgogne is perfect.

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