Luxury and serenity in your 4-star hotel near Notre Dame de Paris

History has recently proved it: Notre-Dame de Paris is timeless. She is immortal. This magnificent Parisian cathedral is not only one of the most beautiful religious monuments in France. It is one of the most precious in the world. Don't miss your spiritual appointment and choose to stay in a luxury hotel near Notre Dame de Paris, the Ducs de Bourgogne.

Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, between saints and gargoyles

Notre Dame de Paris is a monument. Literally and figuratively! Literally, it is one of the most beautiful representations of the Gothic architectural style. The sad fire of April 2019 only rekindled the flame that burns in the hearts of the French for the Old Lady. Figuratively speaking, it is a monument of inspiration for literature, cinema and music. Novel by Victor Hugo, animated film, musical comedy: Notre-Dame is everywhere. In the collective imagination, gargoyles and bell ringers participate in the mystery of this complex construction which has not revealed all its secrets. Staying in a hotel near Notre Dame de Paris is like staying in the heart of Paris. What other argument could we put forward to convince you to choose the Ducs de Bourgogne for your stay in the City of Light?

Luxury services in your hotel near Notre Dame de Paris

The Ducs de Bourgogne is located on rue du Pont Neuf, not far from the Ile de la Cité where Notre-Dame de Paris proudly sits. Choose this hotel near Notre Dame de Paris and you will enjoy an optimal location to explore the capital's treasures

In addition, the staff of this 4-star establishment will give you an impeccable welcome with delicate attention and constant availability. Before you immerse yourself in Parisian life, take the time to enjoy a delicious breakfast in the dining room or directly in your room. The menu features fruity flavours, fresh produce and hot drinks to give you a boost of energy. And if you don't want to waste a single second of your trip, opt for the takeaway option and enjoy your breakfast directly on the banks of the Seine opposite Notre-Dame.

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